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DPFdirect diesel particle filter cleaning - the cheapest alternative

cost factor

DPFdirekt offers fair prices and highest quality. Compared to buying a new diesel particulate filter, you can save up to 80% of your money with DPFdirekt! In the categories cars, trucks, forklifts, agricultural and construction machinery we offer you manageable unit prices without hidden costs. Get an overview in our price overview (link). Our prices include the legal value added tax, the express return shipment and of course the cleaning service.

quality factor

Dpfdirekt achieves excellent cleaning results. The functional condition of your diesel particulate filter after cleaning is almost 100% like a new filter. Material-tiring burn-out is avoided and the process is optimized by means of ultrasound.

time factor

Time savings through fast and goal-oriented action. We ship the next working day after receipt of the goods by express delivery. In addition, we offer you a customized and customer-oriented collection service. For details please refer to the order form. In extremely urgent cases, personal delivery can be made by the factory's own courier. This service refers to a radius of 50 km and is subject to extra charges. These are to be requested by telephone.

environmental factor

The cleaning of your diesel particle filter is extremely environmentally friendly and without chemical additives. We use a high-frequency ultrasound device and attach great importance to the professional disposal of waste materials. We work precisely and professionally.